Why Should LASIK Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

Every person who wears glasses once in a life thinks about getting LASIK because in LASIK there is no gender and age restriction for anyone but there are some reasons that you should follow when you decide to get LASIK.

As we mentioned above there is no restriction for getting LASIK but if you are thinking about getting LASIK during pregnancy then probably this is a bad idea. Because if you are pregnant so this is not the right to undergo the LASIK. In pregnancy, most of the opthamologist don’t suggest getting LASIK eye surgery in pregnancy. How many questions arise in your mind that why should you avoid LASIK in the period of pregnancy? Or what do you expect that you guys  don’t know about LASIK at the time of pregnancy? 

Here are some reason why you should avoided LASIK during pregnancy:- 

  • Corneal changes:- LASIK while pregnancy is not an advisable idea at all because in most cases, the corneal changes or shape changes associated while pregnancy are because of water retention. This thing could increase the chances of corneal thickness and curvature and this thing may decrease corneal sensitivity. This is why most of the doctors or surgeons recommend getting LASIK until the cornea returns to its pre-pregnancy state.


  • Changes in hormones:- Hormonal changes in pregnancy can affect the corneas, the thickness and curvature of your corneas can increase because of hormonal changes. This thing can cause vision problems due to hormonal changes your vision correction could be inaccurate. This is why most eye doctors recommend having laser vision correction either before pregnancy or after delivery of your little. Hormonal changes can alter the shape of your cornea, can change your vision temporarily after pregnancy, your vision and hormones return to normal and this thing could take a few months.


  • Other risk:- Due to hormonal changes and in the time of pregnancy is the risk or the development and increase of diabetes and other medical problems that can affect your eyes. In pregnancy the most common problems such as preeclampsia or high blood pressure, these problems can manifest in the eye. Due to this patients can potentially express with bleeding vessels which can cause distortion of vision. In the pregnancy many eye disorders can arise or occur that include swelling of the retina and so others. Due to changes of these kinds needs to be handled very carefully. So for all these reasons guys should be avoided LASIK during pregnancy.

Dry eyes:- Not only the above condition pregnant women often have dry eyes and this thing causes you guys ir-recapable to have LASIK eye surgery. Due to this you have to postpone LASIK eye surgery until a few months after pregnancy.

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